Tickle me!




Some nights I just wanna be someone’s little tickletoy. Give up my free will and let someone seek out and exploit all my ticklish spots to their heart’s content, and there’s nothing I can do but squirm and squeal and beg underneath their fingers. This is one of those nights.

❤️ every night

me too…..

MMMM yes…

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A proposal I was submitted: Tickling

Oh hey there! Ever fancied being tickled in some delicious tights? ;D

Hehe well as a dancer danceskin tan tights are very often part of my costume…. and let me tell you being tickled in those is sheer torture…


"Please! Anywhere but my pussy!

For the blonde, it’s all about the reaction… ;)

Those NAILS!

Just having one of those nights..

I can’t concentrate on anything else. I want someone to take over my ever desire, to pull me into that room with the bed and push me down… to whisper to me that he’ll never let me go that he’ll put me through torture I’ve never felt before… 

and if I tell him right now that I want him to stop…. he will… but this is my only chance… and he knows I won’t stop him…. the begging won’t start until the tickling does….


Victoria Puppy kind of freaks me out in this one. She tickles Rene the way she tickles anyone else, but the look in her eyes and her evil smile make it seem that, in her mind, she’s gone to a very sinister place…

Plus, I love the juxtaposition in Czech videos. They’ll have gorgeous girls dressed very elegantly doing the meanest things to each other! You wonder, how can someone so beautiful be so evil?

beautifully menacing and taunting ;)

A tickler is…. a tickler is…….

A tickler has to be someone who you trust….

Someone who you trust will completely ignore your pleas break all his promises to you be dishonest with the truth for both of your enjoyment and gleefully make you suffer ;)

I just want someone to pull me close, cuddle me tight and promise me they will never stop tickling me…


My boyfriend will probably thank you for this, but seriously — way to fuck up ordering underwear for me online. Two sizes too small?! We’re twins, you idiot!

hehe looks like fun ;)


Jenny has the most beautiful smile(s) you’ll ever see! And you will melt at the sight of Gina’s fiendish grin. It tickles her to know that she can do whatever she wants.

I kind of love this GIF set, by the way. #You’reWelcome

theres something devilishy sweet about this :P


Blonde was hoping to disprove the myth that being tickled to death was just an expression. Fortunately the camera man was there to save the day for Tamara! ;)



"Your face matches so well with my underwear right now! We both look good in pink…"

I am sure I can get Victoria’s Secret sales to increase 400% if they would just let me direct their commercials ;)

Hehehe ;)

Congratulations Tumblr!

Tumblr you supply the most incredible artwork/gifs/fiction….

It’s left me with an almost uncontrollable urge to grab any one off of the street and beg him to tickle me…beg them to torture me to use such soft strokes that I will scream to ignore every plea for mercy and only listen to the giggles to tickle me every where but with such detail and special scrutinizing attention to each spot that I cannot cope… I long to be tortured… to the point of no return…


Shh, come here, come here! I know it would be really fuckin’ mean and I would hate if anyone did it to me, but I was thinking… what if we… ?

Blonde Nathaly falls in love with her girlfriend Alexis all over again when the redhead agrees almost immediately after seeing the tickle fingers. Which is all Libana needed to see to know she’s screwed. Hence, the fuck my life look on her face… ;)

love these… tagteam me oh god tag team me….


"I’ma let my lil’ homies ride on you…"

- Tupac Shakur  Sandra

By the way, that top screamed wardrobe malfunction all over it when Ritta put it on ;)

Not the armpits!!!