Tickle me!



Abby is naked and stretched on the new Rack, Alaina wants a little playful payback on Abby for what she did to her on the rack earlier. Alaina tickles Abby’s entire body and finds all of her spots.

hehe ohhhhh this looks like it would feel increadible…..

good god if this was me i would be SCREAMING ass up is so much more tickly….

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Gorgeous lee
Gorgeous accent
Gorgeous laugh

awwwww isnt he just the cutest? brits are the best ;)


what a woman…

this is so hot it needs to be reblogged by me twice….

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I wanna go to FetishCon one day :)

the thought of having so many tickling enthusiasts lining up to tickle me oh my god….


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Luna Vera totally took advantage of Cameron’s very ticklish body in the New Rack, I guess I should have told her that Cameron would be getting some revenge! He definitely enjoys every second of it, tickling her feet and body.

omg i love this so much

hehe i’ll have him to tickle me please ;)



mmmmmm yeah get them on me….

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cute ;) 

cute ;) 

Crazy Ticklish….

It has come to my attention that I am possibly more ticklish than I first though… specifically under the arms… 

He creeped up behind me and breathed down my neck as I was sat at his computer… his arms and legs pinned me down he’s in the army and hes strong as hell I fought against him best I could but there was no getting away…. every time I squirmed I felt his grip around my wrist tighten that little bit more…. I felt myself pulled into his body that little bit more…. I felt his fingers moving in for the kill…. please… please I’ll scream… I giggled as I begged I can’t help it his taunts are enough to get me giggling… and when his fingers finally stroked under my arm JUST ONE ARM I bucked and screamed… I couldn’t cope I begged and pleaded for mercy ……

Then came the belt play…. 

He was casually winding his belt around his arms and mine…. and then it was around my wrists … the belt suddenly got uncomfortably firm… it didn’t hurt but I started to feel vulnerable… OK OK I said haha you got me… you….. I breath in sharply… oh so slowly hes pulling on the belt lifting my arms up over my head…. I can barely breath my thoughts are going crazy my eyes stare deeply into his deep round eyes…..I feel his fingers creep down one arm…. I’m already whimpering and the only two words I can utter are ignored with complete torturous pleasure as his fingers start to stroke and tease and then dig in under my arms with ticklish delight…. 

NOT THERE!!!!!!!!!!

Jun 5

I Just Want to be Tickled- A Minor Introspective


When I was a little girl, I hated being tickled more than anything. I hated seeing it on TV, especially as an interrogation. I taught myself to pick up on signs that the villain’s “evil plot” was to tickle the hero, and would leave the room for a few minutes until I thought it was safe to come…

Some thing about this writing really connects with me and I think more people should read it. 

More Tickle Thoughts


You know, my favorite place to tickle a girl is inside her armpits. I must admit, it’s not the most available spot to tickle her, compared to the sides, knees or feet. It’s usually always hidden by clothes, and it’s not always a top tickle spot. I mean, it’s practically a challenge even to tickle…

possibly a favorite place to BE tickled too….

All those hands…. omg……. heaven……

Ohhhhhhhh wow……

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Feathers…or fingers? What would feel better on these soles of yours….


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hmmmmm maybe both?